Commemorative Banknotes

And R5 Circulation Coin

Celebrating Madiba's

100th Birthday.

Pass on our values


on our values.

We at the South African Reserve Bank are honouring Madiba's centenary with a commemorative R5 circulation coin and a series of commemorative banknotes featuring historic moments in his life, which will be available from the 13th of July 2018.

From his humble beginnings in Mvezo, to his pursuit of justice in Soweto, to his courage on his capture at Howick, to the perseverance he showed during his time on Robben Island, and his sense of community shown at the Union Buildings. None of us are perfect; we all have our flaws, but Madiba was a man who always tried to live by his values.

Let's celebrate his 100th birthday by remembering the values that live within us all. So, whenever you give or receive a commemorative banknote or R5 coin, connect with your fellow South Africans and pass on our values. Watch the TV ad here.

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